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Early in 1996 we began to realize that an important component of success in the guitar retail industry is service -- the ability to service what we sell as well as improve the guitar that everyone else is selling. A major mistake of the high-volume guitar manufacturers is not placing high-quality bone or ivory nuts and saddles on their acoustic or electric quitars. Even Fender, one of the largest names in the industry, places plastic nuts on their American Standard StratsTM models -- it is also one of the reasons why there will always be a market for fine, handmade instruments crafted from time-tested materials.

Iboney is refined, machined and tempered cowbone whose vibrational transmision properties rival that of any synthetic material (including Tusq). Medium-sized guitar manufacturers such as Larrivee and Taylor have refused to use it because of the time factor in final fitting but also because of the SMELL during machine sanding and cutting.

Iboney finishes like ivory but in a little more vintage cream color. One can add just a little skim of Johnson's Paste WaxTM for even a darker vintage color and for lubrication in the string grooves of a guitar nut.

Iboney is relatively inexpensive compared to prices quoted in all of the common luthier supply catalogs for inferior grade bone. A free sample will be sent upon request -- please specify thickness and length. Maximum thickness is 5/16", minimum thickness is 3/32" Maximum 1" tall and a little over 5" long. One of my major customers builds dobros, which require a 1/4" X 1" nut blank.

Due to serious lung infections caused by breathing the bone dust, I am just Ibonizing water buffalo bone procured from Fossil Ivory King. This highest quality Iboney is exclusively available through L.M.I. --Ask for it by name.

May the tone quality of your next guitar be maximized!!


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