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Common Questions About Iboney


What is Iboney?

Iboney is cut, machined, and refined cowbone. There are about ten cutting and machining steps plus two refining steps to yield Iboney from a raw bovine leg bone.


How is Iboney cut, machined, and refined?

Sorry, the research and development took almost three years, many sanding burns, and many cut fingers to yield the "trade secrets!" Try walking into an ice cream shop and asking for the recipe!


How does Iboney compare with Corian, Micarta and Tusq?

Although there have been no scientific tests done to date, qualitative statements by world-class luthiers all over the world indicate that Iboney conducts sound more efficiently than anything else except ivory. Moreover, Iboney is much harder than its plastic pretenders, so it holds nut grooves much better, and will not develop grooves in the saddle.


Why does Iboney conduct sound more efficiently than other bone puchased from the well-known luthier catalog suppliers?

Iboney is cut dry without acid or base-- thus Iboney is not chalky. Moreover, the refining process removes almost all of the bone grease and oil from the Iboney.


Where can Iboney be purchased?

Pete's Music Center!